The Part Insulation Plays To Protect Your Home

Most homeowners in southeastern Massachusetts, Cape Cod, and Rhode Island are grateful to their roofs for protecting their families from Mother Nature’s worst habits. Yet those same homeowners often ignore their roof. For example, do you know why your attic is insulated?  […]

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4 Things To Know When Considering Roof Replacement Or Repair

Patriots vs Colts; Toll House cookies vs Boston Cream Pie. Life is all about choices, and homeowners in southeastern Massachusetts have one more: roof replacement vs repair. Of course you pick the Pats, but how can you know what to do with your home’s roof?   […]

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How Your Roof’s Framing Helps Protect Your Home

Remember the kids’ game with your fingers, “Here is the church, here is the steeple?” When you held up your index fingers, that was not the steeple. That was the roof’s rafters, and the steeple (tower, belfry, lantern, and spire) sits on top of them! Most people are unfamiliar with their roof’s framing members. Let’s fix that.  […]

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Your Best Roof Replacement Financing Option And How It Works

Does your roof know how much money you have in the bank? Of course not, which is why your roof chooses now to finally fail. You know you need a complete roof replacement, but you also have nowhere near enough money to pay for it. What can you do? You can finance your necessary roof work with a loan arranged through your roofer.  […]

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How Long Will My Roof Replacement Take?

Which orange came first, the fruit or the color? How far up do bald people go when they wash their faces? How long will my roof replacement take? Let’s face it: not all questions have simple answers. We cannot help you with fruits and faces, but we can help you see why roof replacement takes … well, as long as it takes.  […]

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How To Know If You Should Finance Your Roof Replacement

Knowing you need a roof replacement and paying for a roof replacement are two different issues. After deciding on roof replacement for your southeastern Massachusetts home, you must find a way to pay for it. Here are some tips on how to know if you need to finance a roof replacement.  […]

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Can You Finance A Roof Replacement And What Are Your Options?

A roof replacement is one of those projects most homeowners dread having to pay for. Whether your roof has been damaged by a natural disaster or wear and tear over time, getting a new one is an expensive proposition. Many homeowners are ill-prepared to pay for roof replacement out of pocket, especially when it’s unexpected. […]

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6 Things That Affect The Cost Of Your Roof Replacement

This homeowner question is so common it often autocompletes when you search on the internet: What are roof replacement costs? More important than getting some mystical number from a site like Cost vs. Value is knowing what affects the cost of a roof replacement. Don’t get us wrong — Cost vs. Value is a fine place to start an initial investigation. Still, for the nitty-gritty of roof replacement, you need the expertise of your local, reputable residential roofer.  […]

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Should You Get Your Windows Replaced When Getting New Siding Installed?

When having your siding replaced, other components of your home are affected, including windows. Since you probably installed your existing windows and siding simultaneously, the windows could be worn out too. Other than that, you could be replacing your siding to give your house a new facelift, and leaving the old windows in place could spoil the look. […]

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How Much Can You Expect Repairing Or Replacing Your Siding To Cost?

Earl Scheib, the auto body dealer, once advertised a $49.95 paint job on any car. Imagine the quality of a paint job for less than fifty bucks. With home siding, you might be tempted to look for a really, really inexpensive repair or installation. Just how expensive is home siding? How much does it cost to replace siding?  […]

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