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The average full window replacement in Massachusetts can cost anywhere from $10,800 to $17,820 or more. Use our free window cost calculator to estimate the price of your replacement window project. When you’re ready for the real number, contact our window replacement team to schedule your free window replacement quote.

$14,350 full window replacement on residential home in Massachusetts
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How much does window replacement cost in Massachusetts?

The average Massachusetts home has about 18 windows, or one window for every 100 square feet of liveable space. Based on this, the average cost of a full window replacement in Massachusetts is approximately $21,081, but can range from $10,800 to $31,363 or more. 

Window Replacement Cost

Hey guys, I'm Corey Stenberg. I'm a project estimator here at Couto Construction, and today we're going to be talking about window replacements. We're diving into a topic that can transform your living space. It can even save you money in the long run. Now, the cost of window replacements can vary based on several factors. The type of windows you choose, the number of windows in your home, and the materials involved all play a significant role. Now, replacement window cost factors include the type of windows, Whether you opt for energy efficient double hung windows, sleek siding windows, or elegant bay windows, the number of windows is crucial too, as it directly impacts the overall cost. So, whether you're dreaming of lavish custom windows or seeking a practical and budget-friendly solution, replacing your windows is an investment in your own home's comfort and efficiency.

Remember, the first step is just a click away. Try our cost calculator for an estimate and reach out to Couto for exact pricing. Your dream windows are closer than you might think. And remember, our family's got yours covered.

City Avg. Window Replacement Cost
Attleboro, MA $10,800 - $31,363 The average cost of window replacement in Attleboro is approximately $21,081. However, homeowners can expect to pay anywhere from $10,800 to $31,363 depending on the window material they choose.
Braintree, MA $11,400 - $33,105 The average cost of window replacement in Braintree is approximately $22,253. Homeowners can expect to pay anywhere from $11,400 to $33,105 depending on the window material they choose.
Dartmouth, MA $14,400 - $41,817 For window replacement costs in Dartmouth, homeowners typically spend around $28,109. The total cost varies from $14,400 to $41,817, depending on the selected window materials.
Fall River, MA $9,600 - $27,878 Homeowners can budget approximately $18,739 for the average window replacement cost in Fall River. The final cost ranges from $9,600 to $27,878, depending on the chosen window material.
New Bedford, MA $9,000 - $26,136 The average cost for window replacement in New Bedford is $17,568, with project costs varying from $9,000 to $26,136 based on the window materials used.
Plymouth, MA $12,000 - $34,848 Window replacement costs in Plymouth typically come to around $23,424. The final price depends on the selected window materials and ranges from $12,000 to $34,848.
Taunton, MA $9,600 - $27,878 The average cost for a window replacement in Taunton is $18,739. The total spent can vary from $9,600 to $27,878, depending on the selected window materials.
Easton, MA $12,000 - $34,848 Homeowners in Easton can expect an average window replacement cost of $23,424, with the final amount ranging from $12,000 to $34,848 based on the chosen materials.
Mansfield, MA $12,000 - $34,848 Window replacement in Mansfield averages around $23,424, with total costs ranging from $12,000 to $34,848 depending on the selected window materials.
Norton, MA $10,200 - $29,620 In Norton, homeowners pay an average of $19,910 for window replacement. The total spent, including material costs, ranges from $10,200 to $29,620.
Massachusetts vinyl window replacement for $22,000

Replacement window cost factors in Massachusetts

Double window icon

Number of windows:

The more windows you need replaced, the higher the overall cost. However, it is often financially beneficial to replace multiple windows at once, because the cost-per-window will be lower. 

Window size icon

Window size:

The larger the window dimensions, the more the window will cost. Windows 70ui and smaller are typically a more affordable option than larger windows. 

Window type icon

Type of windows:

Windows with intricate, contemporary designs and advanced features tend to be more expensive than basic, double-hung windows. 

Window frame icon

Window frame material:

Higher-grade window materials like fiberglass and wood come with a higher price tag than lower-grade materials like plastic.

Window replacement cost by window style

Windows are available in various types and styles, and pricing will be dependent on factors like quality, materials and dimensions. The chart below displays the average per-window costs for 8 common window styles. These estimates account for each potential variation in size and material. For the most precise quote tailored to your window replacement project, contact Couto Construction.

Window StyleAvg. Window Cost (per Window)

Double Hung Windows

$632 - $1,610

Slider Windows

$632 - $1,610

Casement Windows

$809 - $1,910

Awning Windows

$809 - $1,910

Twin Casement Windows

$1,233 - $3,117

Triple Casement Windows

$1,669 - $3,821

Picture Windows

$632 - $1,610

3 Lite Bay/Bow Windows

$3,933 - $9,000

4 Lite Bay/Bow Windows

$4,733 - $9,933

Window cost by frame material

When purchasing a window, you pay for more than just the glass pane. The window frame surrounding the glass also factors into the cost. Frames come in various materials. Couto Construction offers vinyl, premium vinyl, fiberglass and wood frames. For a standard double-hung window, the average price per window breaks down as: 

Window Frame MaterialWindow Cost

Vinyl Windows

$530 - $1,210

Premium Vinyl Windows

$650 - $1,560

Fiberglass Windows

$715 - $2,059

For pricing on wood window frames, contact us for a quote. 

Wood windows installed in Massachusetts residential home

The cheapest window material

Vinyl window frames are the most budget-friendly window material we offer. Standard vinyl windows are both affordable and durable, costing approximately $530 to $1,210 per window. Vinyl is a popular window material offering significantly better performance over time than other economy windows. 

The most expensive window material 

Wood window frames are the highest-end window material with the largest price tag. They provide a classic and natural look, but require regular maintenance for durability.

Window replacement cost by number of windows

The cost to replace multiple windows varies based on window size, materials, styles, and customization. On average, there are 18 windows in a Massachusetts home, and the most common window type is vinyl double-hung. For 18 vinyl double-hung window replacements in Massachusetts, homeowners can expect to spend $10,800 to $17,820. Below are estimated price ranges for common window replacements in Massachusetts homes. 

Number of Windows

Double Hung Window Cost

Casement Window Cost

Awning Window Cost

Bay Window Cost

Slide Window Cost

Picture Window Cost

1 Window

$600 - $990

$840 - $1,320 

$840 - $1,320

$3,300 - $7,480

$530 - $1,560

$530 - $1,210

2 Windows

$1,200 - $1,980

$1,689 - $2,640 

$1,680 - $2,640

$6,600 - $14,960 

$1,060 - $3,120

$1,060 - $2,420

3 Windows

$1,800 - $2,970

$2,520 - $3,960

$2,520 - $3,960

$9,900 - $22,440

$1,590 - $4,680

$1,590 - $3,630

4 Windows

$2,400 - $3,960

$3,360 - $5,280

$3,360 - $5,280

$13,200 - $29,920

$2,120 - $6,240

$2,120 - $4,840

5 Windows

$3,000 - $4,950

$4,200 - $6,600

$4,200 - $6,600

$16,500 - $37,400

$2,650 - $7,800

$2,650 - $6,050

6 Windows

$3,600 - $5,940

$5,040 - $7,920

$5,040 - $7,920

$19,800 - $44,880

$3,180 - $9,360

$3,180 - $7,260

7 Windows

$4,200 - $6,930

$5,880 - $9,240

$5,880 - $9,240

$23,100 - $52,360 

$3,710 - $10,920

$3,710 - $8,470

8 Windows

$4,800 - $7,920

$6,720 - $10,560

$6,720 - $10,560

$26,400 - $59,840

$4,240 - $12,480

$4,240 - $9,680

9 Windows

$5,400 - $8,910

$7,560 - $11,880

$7,560 - $11,880

$29,700 - $67,320

$4,770 - $14,040

$4,770 - $10,890

10 Windows

$6,000 - $9,900

$8,400 - $13,200

$8,400 - $13,200

$33,000 - $74,800

$5,300 - $15,600

$5,300 - $12,100

How to save money on window replacement in Massachusetts

Don’t wait - If your windows are performing poorly because of damage or age, it is financially beneficial to get your windows replaced as soon as possible. Old or damaged windows can drive up heating and cooling bills and can make your home vulnerable to theft and weather-related damage, potentially resulting in even more costly repairs. 

Replace multiple windows at once - The more windows you order at one time, the lower the cost per window. Despite the overall cost being higher, you will save money on the total cost of each window by getting windows replaced in bulk.

Consolidate windows - If you have multiple windows close to each other on parts of the home, consider condensing them into one larger window. Condensing windows will likely cost less than replacing several separate windows. 

Window financing - There are a variety of financing options to minimize the initial costs of window replacements. If you have good credit, a 0% APY credit card or a personal loan can help you replace your windows without high upfront costs. 

Payment plans for window replacement in Massachusetts

Couto Construction offers 0% financing with no money down and no payments due for 6 months. If you’re unable to finish paying after 6 months, you can finance your windows for up to 10 years. Our monthly financing payments can be made using cash, check, debit or credit. 

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