Should You Get Your Windows Replaced When Getting New Siding Installed?

Should You Get Your Windows Replaced When Getting New Siding Installed?

When having your siding replaced, other components of your home are affected, including windows. Since you probably installed your existing windows and siding simultaneously, the windows could be worn out too. Other than that, you could be replacing your siding to give your house a new facelift, and leaving the old windows in place could spoil the look.

Why it's Good to Replace Siding and Windows Simultaneously

Generally, replacing siding and windows simultaneously makes the installation work easy and cost-effective for both tasks. It allows your contractor to set the capping for windows before installing the siding. The aluminum or vinyl used for window capping helps direct water from window frames and interior walls.

Downsides to Installing Siding First

If you install the siding and replace the windows a few years later, the contractor may have to cut into the siding to install the moisture barrier. Although it's still possible to do, it takes more labor, which increases the installation costs. Besides, redoing the siding could make it look worn and untidy.

The original window capping may also get damaged in the process of removing the siding, forcing your installer to recap your windows. This leads to extra labor and material costs for window recapping. 

The Bottom Line

The ideal solution is to schedule your new windows replacement and siding installation simultaneously. It ensures a simpler and cost-effective installation. The only downside is combining the two projects can be a costly affair. However, with proper planning, you can make significant savings in labor costs. If your current siding doesn't require immediate replacement, then you should consider replacing your windows first. Overall, windows and siding play an incredible role in uplifting your home's curb appeal. Contact Couto Construction in Southeastern Massachusetts, Cape Cod, and Rhode Island if you have any questions concerning siding and window replacement.