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Couto Construction is a top-rated roof replacement contractor in New Bedford, MA. Our roofers have been providing high-quality roof replacements for over 30 years in the 02740, 02744, 02745, 02746 zip codes and beyond. We stand behind our comprehensive roof replacement solutions with warranties covering up to 50-years. Contact us for a free quote and get started on your roof replacement with a New Bedford roof replacement contractor you can trust.

6 Signs You Need a Roof Replacement

As your roof ages, it’s important to stay aware of potential signs of damage to your roof. Common signs you’re due for a roof replacement include:

  • Water damage icon
    Water damage or leaks
  • Sagging roof icon
    Roof Sagging
  • Curling shingle icon
    Curling or buckling shingles
  • Moss icon
    Moss, mold, or fungus buildup
  • Missing shingle icon
    Missing shingles, flashing, or fascia
  • Heat bill icon
    Abnormally high heating bills

Schedule a roof inspection with Couto Construction today if your New Bedford roof is showing signs of damage. We’ll provide a free, no-obligation quote for your next roof replacement.

Roof Replacement Signs

Hey there, homeowners. Today we're tackling a topic that's not just about your home's protection, but also about your peace of mind. Signs that your roof might be due for a makeover. I'm Tyler, and let's explore the signals that it's time to give your roof the attention that it deserves. So what are the common signs that your roof is waving a little flag, saying, hey, it's time for a change? Think missing shingles, sagging areas, or those persistent leaks that just won't quit. If your roof is showing any of these signs, it might be whispering, I've done my duty. It's time for an upgrade. Let's face it. your roof takes a beating from the elements. If it's been on duty for a while, it's normal to see some wear and tear.

But when those signs start impacting its performance, it's your roost way of saying, help! Now if you're nodding along thinking, yup, my roof needs some attention, here's what you should do. First, don't hit the panic button. Instead, you should schedule a free consultation or inspection. It's like a health check for your home. Our experts will roll up, take a look, and give you the lowdown on what your roof needs. Getting a professional opinion is key. It's not just about fixing a leak here and there, it's about ensuring the overall well-being of your home. So whether you reach out to us or any reputable roofing professional, the first step is always a simple conversation. Don't let roof concerns keep you up at night. It's time to take action. Schedule that consultation and let's make sure your home is ready to weather any storm. I'm Tyler, and until next time, here's to a roof that stands tall, keeping you safe and dry. And remember, our families got yours covered.

How Long Should a Roof Last Before Being Replaced?

The longevity of your roof is influenced by factors such as the roofing material, the frequency and nature of weather exposure, and the level of maintenance it receives. Typically, roofs require replacement every:

20-year-old asphalt shingles on residential home in New Bedford, MA
Asphalt Shingles 20 Years
25-year-old energy efficient shingles on New Bedford roof
Energy Efficient Shingles 25 Years
30-year-old wood shingles on roof in New Bedford, MA
Wood Shingles 30 Years

We’re changing the industry. Our vision is a world where home improvements are exciting and worry-free. Our contractors are certified and verified by some of the top vendors in the business, and we’re insured to protect you and your home. We’ll be here when you need us, as we have been for more than 30 years.

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    Since 1987
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    to 50 years
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Our Roof Replacement Process in 8 Easy Steps:

  1. Free Inspection: Our team of roofing experts will assess the current state of your roof and recommend your best course of action.
  2. Explore your options: After the inspection, you’ll have a meeting with our team to review the findings and make your next decisions. We’ll take you through all of our material and style options so you can make the best choice for your home and budget.
  3. Free Quotes: Once we understand your preferences and budget, our team will present you with a cost breakdown covering both materials and labor, all as part of a free quote for the job.
  4. Schedule: Once you’ve finalized the specifics of your project, we’ll schedule your roof replacement to suit your schedule. We will also give you an estimated project timeline so you have a clear understanding of what to expect during the process.
  5. Roof tear-off: On the scheduled replacement day, we’ll completely remove your old roof and replace any damaged or rotted wood on your roof’s structure as needed.
  6. Roof installation: Once your old roof is removed, our expert roofing technicians will install your new roof while adhering to all building codes and safety standards. The new installation usually takes 1-3 days, and we’ll keep your home protected from the elements throughout the process.
  7. Meticulous clean-up: After your new roof is installed, our crew will thoroughly clean the entire work area, removing all debris like nails, shingles, and tools from the roof, gutters, yard, and driveway. We’ll leave your property spotless, with no trace of construction material remaining onsite or in surrounding areas.
  8. Follow up: One week after installation, we’ll conduct a final inspection of your new roof to confirm it is installed and performing correctly. We double-check the job to stand behind our work and leave you confident in the quality of your roof.

Contact Couto Construction to get started with your roof replacement project.

How Much Does a Roof Replacement Cost in New Bedford, MA?

The average cost of roof replacement in New Bedford, MA is approximately $24,072. Most roof replacements in the area range between $13,905 and $34,240. Our roof replacement cost calculator will give you a rough estimate of how much your New Bedford roofing project will cost based on roof size, architecture and your preferred roofing type.

We Offer Financing For Roof

We offer flexible financing for roof replacement in New Bedford and the surrounding areas of Massachusetts and Rhode Island. We provide 0% interest options with no money down and no payments due for 6 months. Extended payment plans up to 10 years are also available.

Free Massachusett's Roof Cost Calculator

Roof Replacements vs. Roof Repairs

Couto Construction provides a full range of roofing solutions for homes in New Bedford and the surrounding areas. From localized repairs to complete roof replacements, our expert team has you covered.

Consider a full roof replacement if:

  • Your roof is over 20 years old or nearing the end of its lifespan
  • There are multiple leaks, signs of deterioration, curling shingles or other widespread damage
  • You want to upgrade to more energy-efficient roofing materials
  • Extensive repairs costing more than 50% of a new roof are needed

Consider roof repairs if:

  • Issues are isolated, such as a single leak, minor flashing damage, or a few damaged shingles
  • Your roof was properly installed and still has over 10 years of life left
  • Problems are minor and repairs will extend the roof’s lifespan


How long does it take to replace a roof?

Roof replacements can take anywhere from 2 to 7 days, depending on the size and scope of the project. Larger or more complicated residential roof installations can take longer than 7 days.

What should you look for in a professional roofing contractor?

When looking for a roofing contractor, you should find a company that’s in good standing with the Better Business Bureau and can install roofs that meet the manufacturers’ standards. If a contractor takes shortcuts, it could cause this warranty to be voided, leaving you to pay for roof repairs out of pocket. 

Will insurance cover a roof replacement?

Homeowners insurance may cover a full roof replacement if it has been damaged by circumstances beyond your control such as storm damage. They likely won’t, however, cover a roof replacement for an aging roof or a roof with standard wear and tear.

What is the cheapest time of year to replace your roof?

Late fall to early Winter is the best time of year to replace your roof to save money without weather conditions threatening safety. When the busy seasons of summer and early fall start to slow down, labor costs will likely be slightly lower. Getting your roof replaced in the late fall or early winter also ensures your roof can be fully installed safely with less risk of snow or harsh weather threatening your home.