Wood roofing contractors in New Bedford, MA

Go green with cedar shake wood shingles installed by Couto Construction. These biodegradable shingles are just as durable as they are gorgeous. Our contractors have installed these energy-efficient roofs at homes all across New Bedford, Rhode Island and beyond. 

Cedar wood roofing shingles installed on a new home in New Bedford, Massachusetts

Benefits of wood shingles

  1. Curb appeal: With over 80% of homes in North America opting for the classic asphalt shingle look, wood shingles allow you to really set your home apart from the rest.
  2. Wind resistance: Cedar shakes can withstand wind gusts of up to 173 mph and don’t lift as easily as standard asphalt shingles.
  3. Impact resistance: Cedar shakes and shingles are highly impact resistant, often able to withstand hail up to two inches in diameter and traveling up to 71 mph.
  4. Life expectancy: When properly maintained, wood roofs have a lifespan comparable to asphalt roofs. They typically last around 30 years or the life of a standard mortgage.
  5. Easy installation: Wood is a lighter material than asphalt, making it easier to transport and install, cutting down on labor time and saving money on your project.
  6. Energy efficient: Wood is a naturally insulating material, allowing you to save money on utility costs in both the summer and winter.
  7. Eco-friendly: Wood shingles are biodegradable, meaning once your roof is replaced, the shingles can be recycled or disposed of without harming the environment. 

Synthetic wood options

We install Owens Corning synthetic wood shingles in a variety of colors. Each roof comes with a limited lifetime warranty to last as long as you own your home.

  • Carbon

  • Chestnut

  • Granite

  • Mesquite

  • Sycamore

  • Timber

Signs it’s time to replace your cedar stake roof 

  • Leaks: Leaks can lead to big problems down the road and should be addressed immediately. Sometimes, the problem can be fixed with a simple roof repair, but depending on the severity of the leak, a full roof replacement might be needed.
  • Storm damage: Hail, wind and fallen debris can damage portions of your roof, causing you to need a partial or full roof replacement.
  • Missing shakes: Missing shakes or shingles are a sign of potential vulnerability in your roof. Address the problem before it grows larger.
  • Cracked, curling or cupping shingles: When the problem of cracked, curling or cupping shingles becomes widespread, this could be a sign that your roof is past its prime.
  • Moss growth: Wood shingles are more susceptible to mold growth than asphalt shingles. Regular mold treatments are a must for homeowners with wood roofs. If the problem gets out of hand, you might need a full roof replacement.
  • Insect infestation: Pests like termites, beetles and ants can take refuge in your shingles, causing widespread damage and possibly jeopardizing the integrity of your roof. It is important to have regular roof inspections to watch out for signs of infestation.

Real wood vs. synthetic wood shingles

Owens Corning offers a brand of synthetic wood shingles called Woodcrest® Shingles. They offer the same rustic and natural beauty as real wood without the drawbacks. They are Class A fire resistant and available in several distinctive, colorful blends, giving your home a unique look. They’re also moss and insect-resistant. The Woodcrest® shingles are harder to get and thus slightly more expensive than traditional wood or asphalt shingles.

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