4 Perks You Gain With Cellulose Insulation In Your Attic

If you want to add further insulation to your attic, one of the biggest questions will be what type of insulation you want to place. Cellulose insulation is a sensible choice. Not only is it high in performance levels, but it is also an affordable option. Here are just four of the many perks your home will receive when you go with cellulose insulation. […]

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4 Places Your Attic Needs Insulation To Improve Energy Efficiency

As energy prices rise, attic insulation efficiency becomes important to homeowners throughout the northeast. Your Massachusetts, Cape Cod, or Rhode Island home can become more energy efficient if you ensure you have adequate attic insulation in four places of your attic.  […]

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Why Flashing And Ridge Vents Are Important For Your Roof

It shelters you, your whole family, your pets, all your prized possessions. It is the roof of your southeastern Massachusetts, Cape Cod or Rhode Island home, and it has you curious. Perhaps you are aware (many homeowners aren’t) your roof is an integrated system of parts. Now you have questions about some of those parts. Let’s take a closer look at two major components the safe way, with our feet on the ground (never climb onto your roof!).  […]

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Couto Construction Earns 2021 Angi Super Service Award

New Bedford, Mass. – Couto Construction is proud to announce that it has earned the home service industry’s coveted Angi Super Service Award (SSA). This award honors service professionals who have maintained high service ratings and reviews on Angi in 2021. […]

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Learn More About Your Roof’s Underlayment & Ice and Water Shield

Your roof goes beyond the shingles you see. It is a complete system of different components working together to keep your home dry and protected from the elements. Many homeowners aren’t familiar with the less apparent components for a sturdy and reliable roof, such as the roof underlayment and ice and water shield. […]

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Why A Roof Deck Is Important For The Integrity Of Your Roof

Today’s pop quiz has only three questions, but you must get them all correct. Ready? 1 — Guess your age. 2 — What are your initials? 3 — What is a roof deck? Did we stump you? Your home’s roof deck is the system of wood framing members holding up your roof. It includes sheathing, rafters, and some smaller boards. It is absolutely integral to your roof’s health.  […]

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How Proper Ventilation Extends The Life Of Your Roof

No house comes with a parts manual. What are hip jacks? Cripple rafters? What is roof ventilation? You can get away with not knowing the structural wood members of your Massachusetts home’s roof, but you will benefit by learning about proper roof ventilation.  […]

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The Part Insulation Plays To Protect Your Home

Most homeowners in southeastern Massachusetts, Cape Cod, and Rhode Island are grateful to their roofs for protecting their families from Mother Nature’s worst habits. Yet those same homeowners often ignore their roof. For example, do you know why your attic is insulated?  […]

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4 Things To Know When Considering Roof Replacement Or Repair

Patriots vs Colts; Toll House cookies vs Boston Cream Pie. Life is all about choices, and homeowners in southeastern Massachusetts have one more: roof replacement vs repair. Of course you pick the Pats, but how can you know what to do with your home’s roof?   […]

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