When Do You Need To Have Your Vinyl Siding Replaced?

Vinyl siding is a popular exterior home covering, thanks to its durability and ease of maintenance. Unfortunately, no siding material lasts forever. You can expect your vinyl siding to last between 30-40 years. However, extreme weather events may cause it to deteriorate much faster, calling for a replacement.  […]

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How Will Your Fiber Cement Siding Be Installed?

The process of installing fiber cement siding is very similar to vinyl siding. Other than the extra weight of fiber cement siding, the process is generally straightforward. When correctly installed, fiber cement siding products such as HardiePlank® are extremely durable and easy to maintain. You can expect fiber cement to last up to 50 years or more with proper care. […]

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How Do Contractors Work With Insurance Companies?

A homeowner familiar with an insurer is a homeowner with a streak of bad luck. As a homeowner in the New Bedford area, you are not expected to know how to work with insurance companies. Roofing contractors, on the other hand, do know; they work with insurers daily.  […]

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Can You Have Your New Siding Installed In The Rain Or Winter?

When preparing for siding replacement, you control many factors, including preferred materials, contractor selection, budget, and project timeline. But siding damage and unexpected weather changes are out of your control. […]

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How Will Your New Siding Be Installed?

Once you’ve selected the right siding material, budgeted for the project cost, and settled on a reliable contractor, it’s time to prepare for the installation. The siding installation process may vary depending on numerous factors, including the style and size of your home and the siding material.  […]

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How Are Gutters Measured And Attached To Your House?

Proper gutter sizing plays a critical role in the performance of your gutters. If they are too small, water will spill over the edges and cause structural problems. If they’re too narrow, runoff water may miss the gutters altogether, which can be nearly as bad as having no gutters at all.  […]

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What Do You Need To Know About Your Gutter System?

Rainwater can wreak havoc on your house if you don’t have correctly installed and maintained gutters. A gutter system must function properly to protect your home from damaging water and moisture. For you to appreciate the importance of rain gutters, it’s essential to learn a thing or two about a gutter system. […]

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Should You Even Consider Having Gutter Guards Installed On Your Home?

When you’re tired of cleaning out your gutters, you might be thinking about getting gutter guards. These are supposed to block leaves and other debris from getting into your gutters and clogging them up. Are gutter guards worth installing? Find out more about whether or not you should have these installed. […]

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Where Do Gutters Get Installed On Your House?

When it comes to gutter installation, it is essential to understand where they should be placed on your house to function efficiently. Rain gutters should be attached to the house right before it is completed. Alongside downspouts, gutters work by collecting rainwater from the roof and channeling it safely away from your home’s foundation. They should be affixed to extend beyond the roof eaves to collect rain and hail runoff effectively.  […]

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