Case Studies

Roof Replacement Case Studies

Charles J.’s 20-year-old roof was leaking in two places and needed immediate attention. He was matched with Couto Construction via Home Advisor.
This homeowner had started to notice that shingles were beginning to fly off their roof, and Soon after that leaking had start to occur in the homeowner’s home, Not...
Seekonk, MA Get's Roof Upgrade
The customer originally called Couto Construction looking for advice on the best option to care for the consistent water problem that had been leaking into his home. ...
Swansea, MA Gets New Roof
The Swansea homeowner had been in the search for a new roof and new shingles. The roof had some water damage and the shingles were old and faded. The home owner is located...
Roof Replacement in Somerset, MA
The Homeowner had noticed that there had been some leaking in his home. He found it odd because he had a complete roof replacement four years ago, he feels that it was not...
New Bedford, MA Home Gets New Flat Roof
The Homeowner wanted his Modified Bit the flat roof to be re-done as well as the shingles on the house. He also had a window peak that needed some new siding as well as some...
Roof replacement in Acushnet, MA
The Homeowner was in need of a complete roof replacement when he noticed that water had been leaking into his home. The homeowner had to place a temporary sheet on top of...
North Falmouth, MA Roof Project
The homeowner called and explained that the roof had been causing a bit of a problem, there has been some light water damage and there began a formation of moss. The damage...
Missing shingles on a 114-year-old 2-family home necessitates a new roof.
George M. had the front half of his roof replaced three years ago and chose Couto Construction to come out for an estimate to replace the back half. The challenge with repairs...
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