Can You Install Shingles In The Rain?

Can You Install Shingles In The Rain?

When you’re planning to have new roof shingles installed, it’s important to consider weather conditions. Can you shingle a roof in the rain or when there’s snow and ice? Find out more about whether or not roofers can get your new roof installed during inclement weather.

Roof Installations in the Rain

While it’s possible to get roof installations done when it’s raining, reputable roofers won’t do the entire installation in this type of weather. Instead, certain tasks are done, but the rest are saved for later when it stops raining. For example, roofers can strip your roof and install ice and water shields to protect against leaks and water damage when it starts raining.

Hazards of Roofing in the Rain

Reliable roofing contractors won’t complete shingle installations in the rain or in other adverse weather conditions for a number of reasons. Safety is one of the biggest factors roofers consider. Installing shingles in the rain can cause hazardous working conditions for roofers, such as slippery surfaces, especially on roofs with a steep pitch or slope.

Roofing contractors also avoid doing entire roof installations in the rain to lower the risk of water damage to homes. Installing a new roof improperly in the rain or not putting ice and water shields in place promptly increases the risk of severe water damage.

Installing a roof completely when it’s raining or snowing can also cause practical problems. Shingles might not fasten well when they’re installed in adverse conditions. This can lead to the need for more frequent repairs for loose shingles over the years while also increasing your risk of water damage.

Importance of Working with a Reputable Contractor

Whether you need a roof installation or maintenance done, it’s important to hire a contractor with a solid reputation. Dependable roofing contractors can ensure your roof installation is done as safely as possible under the right weather conditions. Working with an experienced local contractor also means you’ll have a reliable professional making sure your roof is taken care of over the years to keep it in good condition.

At Couto Construction, we keep an eye on weather conditions and postpone installations as needed. We also make sure ice and water shields are protecting your roof deck from water damage.

If you need new roof shingles, contact Couto Construction. Our professional roofers handle shingle installation in Rhode Island, Southeastern Massachusetts, and Cape Cod.