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Couto Construction is among the best roofing contractors in Tewksbury, Massachusetts (located at 2500 Main St Tewksbury, MA 01876). Since 1987, our Tewksbury roofing company has been providing unmatched roof repair and roof replacement services for residential customers in the Tewksbury area. Whether you need a full roof replacement or just a roof inspection, we have you covered. Contact us for your free roof roofing quote - don’t forget to try our free roof cost calculator to estimate your project cost.

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Our Roofing Services in Tewksbury, MA


Couto Construction offers a collection of high-quality residential roofing services for homeowners in Tewksbury, MA. Our roofing services include roof inspections, repairs, roof tune-ups, roof replacements, and more!

Best Roof Materials to use in Tewksbury, MA

Our Tewksbury residential roofing contractors are trained and certified to repair, replace, and install a wide range of roof types, including asphalt shingles, cedar shake roofing, and energy-efficient roofing.

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    Asphalt Shingle Roofing

    The most popular and economical choice, asphalt shingles are known for their excellent durability, often lasting up to 30 years. They provide reliable protection and come in various styles and colors to complement any home design.

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    Wood Roofing

    For a home with a natural, rustic appearance, wood shingles are an ideal option. These shingles offer a unique aesthetic and robust performance, with a potential lifespan of up to 30 years, adding both character and longevity to your home.

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    Energy-Efficient Roofing

    Designed with cutting-edge technology, our energy-efficient shingles reflect UV light, helping to keep your home cooler and lower your energy bills. These shingles are perfect for homeowners looking to enhance their home's efficiency without compromising on style or protection.

Tewksbury, MA Roofers That Finance

Couto Construction offers two affordable roof financing options for residential roofing customers in Tewksbury. Our financing options include:

  1. 6-month 0% Interest Loan
  2. 10-year Loan at 9.9% APR

Our affordable roof financing options allow Tewksbury homeowners to get their roofing project done now, and pay later!

Roof Financing Options

affordable roof financing options for homes in tewksbury, ma

How Much Does a New Roof Cost in Tewksbury, MA

The average cost of roof replacement in Tewksbury is between $11,445 and $65,361 depending on the type of roof. The cost of roof replacement will vary based on the size of the roof, roof complexity, type, and various other factors. To get the most accurate estimate, contact Couto Construction.

Average Roof Replacement Cost in Tewksbury by Material

Roof MaterialRoof Cost
Asphalt Roofing $11,445 - $21,787
Designed Asphalt Roofing $20,028 - $38,127
Metal Roofing $34,335 - $65,361
Wood Shake Roofing $34,335 - $65,361


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Protect your home with a quality roof from Couto Construction. Contact us today for a free, no-obligation roofing quote in Tewksbury, MA. Our expert team is ready to provide top-notch service and competitive pricing. Don't wait—secure your free estimate now!

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