Gutters play a critical role in collecting and directing rainwater from the roof and away from the building’s foundation.

When it comes to size, homeowners have to choose from two common gutter sizes: 5 and 6 inches. To determine the right gutter size for your roof, you’ll need to consider the rainfall density in your area and the size and pitch of your roof. Typically, a roof which receives a lot of rainfall or has a large, steep pitch will require a 6-inch gutter system. Similarly, a roof surrounded by tall trees will need a larger gutter system to handle falling leaves without getting clogged.

Consider Your Drainage Area

A larger roof means more rainwater flows into the gutter system. To calculate the drainage area of your roof, multiply the length and width of all parts on all sides of the roof and add them together. This is often straightforward if you have a simple roof design, but it can be complex if your roof has several different parts. 

Consider your Roof Pitch

If your roof has a steep slope, you’ll need a larger gutter system. It’s because a roof is like a waterslide, and with a steep slope, water will slip down quickly into your gutters. This can easily overwhelm your gutter capacity if you opt for a smaller gutter size. It’s always important to work with a professional who knows the climate in your area and who understands the right gutter size for your specific type of roof.

Figure Out Your Rainfall Intensity

Consider the rainfall in your area, especially the intensity of the rainfall. Does the rain fall slowly for several hours, or does it all pour down within a few minutes? Typically, higher rainfall intensity will call for a larger gutter system. You can easily know the maximum rainfall intensity in your area by looking at data from the US Weather Bureau. Finally, you’ll need to match your gutter size with the downspouts. If you have 6-inch gutters, be sure to use the right size downspouts to ensure rainwater is seamlessly directed from your roof and away from the foundation. Overflowing gutters can cause a myriad of problems, including ruining the lawn, washing away parts of the yard, damaging the foundation, damaging your roof, and causing ice dams. Contact Couto Construction for all your gutter needs in Southeastern Massachusetts, Cape Cod, and Rhode Island.