Roofing Contractor in Warwick, RI

Couto Construction is a leading roofing company in Warwick, known for providing quality work and great customer service. We have over 30 years of experience as roofers in Warwick with roof inspections, roof replacement, roof repair, and roof installation services. We prioritize treating our clients like family and take pride in our hard work, expert craftsmanship, and seamless communication. We have established ourselves as one of the top roofing contractors in Warwick and the surrounding area. If you are in need of emergency roof repair in Warwick, contact us immediately for help.

roof replacement contractors in Warwick, RI

The best roofing material for homes in Warwick, RI

Couto Construction offers the top roofing materials for residential roofing in Warwick, RI fit for the Rhode Island climate. Work with us and we’ll help you choose the right material for your home and budget.

  • Asphalt shingle cost icon


    Asphalt roofing is a popular choice among customers for its affordability and longevity. We offer several colors and styles, perfect for any home.

  • Wood shingle cost icon


    Wood shingles are luxurious and work as a natural insulator. This attractive material will keep your home cool or warm throughout the seasons.

  • Energy efficient shingle cost icon

    Energy efficient

    Energy Efficient shingles reflect the sun’s UV rays. This option will cut down your energy consumption and bill.

Do I need a permit for a new roof in Warwick, RI?

Yes, the Town of Warwick requires a permit for new roofing.

For questions and correspondence:
Town of West Warwick, RI
1170 Main St. West Warwick
Rhode Island 02893
Phone: 401-822-9200

We’ll take care of the permit for you!

We’ve been in the business since 1987 and have handled hundreds of permits for roofing in Warwick, RI. Hire us and we’ll handle the permit paperwork and meet Warwick code regulations.

roofing permits in Warwick, RI

What is the cost of a new roof in Warwick, RI?

The roof replacement cost of an average home in Warwick, RI is around $20,200. The cost to replace a roof can range between $13,284 and $32,711.

The size of the roof, the architecture of the roof, and the roofing material being used can all affect the roof replacement cost. Each roof is unique and it is difficult to give an accurate quote for a roof replacement project without a full understanding of the details. For a precise quote on your roofing project, contact a roofing professional at Couto Construction.

Average roof cost in Warwick, RI (By Material)

Roof MaterialRoof Cost
Asphalt $6,075 - $14,950
Designed Asphalt $10,625 - $26,175
Metal or Wood Shake $18,225 - $44,850

 Roof Repair Estimates in Warwick, RI

We offer roof repairs to fix any storm or incidental damage. Use our roof cost calculator for roof repair estimates, new roof cost, or roof replacement cost in Warwick, RI.


Roofers that Finance in Warwick, RI

At Couto, we grasp the importance of putting resources into a new roof. We offer various options for roof financing in Warwick to all our clients, ensuring a simple and convenient process for replacing your roof. By choosing our roof financing services, you'll enjoy the following advantages:

  • 0 down
  • 0% financing
  • 0 payments for 6 months
  • Finance up to 10 years

Emergency roof repair in Warwick, RI

When lightning and misfortune strike, Warwick homeowners turn to us for emergency roof repair. Facing wind, hail, and other storm damage, we're set to reinforce your home's defense against nature's tests. With the pressing need after a storm, we emphasize quick and thorough fixes. Prevent prolonged storm-related risks to your roof - connect with us for trusted storm damage responses and secure your free quote today. Protecting your residence is our primary commitment.



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