Storm Damage Roof Repair in New Bedford, MA

Extreme weather like heavy rain, strong winds, and snow can cause major damage to roofs in New Bedford. Couto Construction has an experienced roof storm damage repair team in New Bedford on standby to help fix issues when they’re least expected. Contact us today for a free quote on roof repairs or replacement to start the process of revitalizing your home’s storm-damaged roof.

Storms in New Bedford, MA

Common Causes of Storm Damage in New Bedford

Residents of New Bedford know Massachusetts weather is infamous for intense storms with the ability to damage roofs. However, even mild weather can harm aging or poorly installed roofs. Homeowners should be aware of what local conditions can cause roof damage. Some of the most common Massachusetts storms to watch out for include:

Wind Storms in New Bedford Causing Roof Damage

Wind Storms

Hail Storm Damage In New Bedford

Hail Storms

Heavy Rain Damage in New Bedford

Heavy Rain Storms

Big Snow Storm in New Bedford Causing Damage to Roofs

Ice & Snow Storms

Types of Roof Damage Caused by Storms

Extreme weather can cause both major roof damage and subtle, more discrete issues. Regardless of the severity of the damage, recognizing the signs of storm-related wear helps catch problems before they escalate. To know exactly what you should be looking for, common roof damage caused by storms in New Bedford includes:

  • Cracks, tears, and fractures: Severe weather can damage roofs by cracking, tearing, and fracturing roofing materials. Cracks are large missing sections of a shingle. Fractures are narrow cracks across intact shingles. Tears often occur in shingle corners, causing the edges to lift and letting water seep underneath. These issues undermine the roof’s waterproofing by exposing the vulnerable underlayment. Any visible shingle damage warrants prompt inspection and likely replacement of the damaged areas to maintain full protection.
  • Dents and impact marks: On metal roofs, storm damage often appears as dents. While metal roofing can withstand minor dents without compromising structural integrity, extensive or severe denting indicates the need for repairs. On asphalt or composite roofs, damage shows as black marks from granule loss or debris impact. Though mild at first, these dents and marks can worsen over time. Any visible impact damage should be inspected to determine if more extensive maintenance or replacement is required to prevent larger problems down the road.
  • Extreme granule loss: On asphalt shingles, storm damage can appear as granule erosion - dark spots where protective mineral granules have worn away and exposed the dark asphalt underneath. Extensive dark patches or mostly smooth shingles indicate severe granule loss. Though the shingles may seem structurally intact, widespread granule erosion is a major problem. Granules are the first defense against rain, hail, and UV rays. Losing them, even if the shingle structure remains, greatly reduces roof protection. Substantial granule erosion signals the need for shingle replacement to maintain a properly protective roof.
  • Weakened sealing strip: Damaged or weakened sealing strips on asphalt shingles can be hard to spot but pose serious risks. When sealant starts to deteriorate, shingles become loose and prone to detaching in high winds. Unless visibly lifted, weak seals may require professional inspection to identify. However, any loose, movable shingles indicate seal failure and the urgent need for repairs to prevent further wind damage.
Minor Roof Damage On Residential Home in New Bedford

Insurance Claims for Roof Storm Damage in New Bedford

Your home insurance policy may provide coverage for roof repairs and replacements in cases where the damage caused by wind, rain, or severe storms was outside of your control. 

3 Tips for Filing Insurance Claims for Storm Damage

  • Record the storm’s date and the weather conditions as reported in your area. 
  • Take pictures from multiple angles of each damaged area of your home. 
  • Get your own cost estimate on the damages. While your insurance company may offer suggestions for a preferred roofing contractor, the final choice of the contractor is entirely up to you. 
Roof with missing shingles from storm in New Bedford

Severe Storms in New Bedford, MA Since 2000

  • 2003 Hurricane Juan
  • 2005 Hurricane Wilma
  • 2006 Mother’s Day Nor’eastern 
  • 2011 Hurricane Irene 
  • 2012 Superstorm Sandy
  • 2015 Record snowfalls in Massachusetts
  • 2019 Fall and Winter Nor’easters

Why Choose Couto for Storm Damage Roof Repair 

Couto Construction stands as New Bedford's leading choice for storm damage roof repairs, anchored by our unwavering dedication to surpassing customer needs. Our skilled roofing repair technicians uphold the highest standards of excellence, ensuring each client is thoroughly satisfied. Distinct from other roofing contractors in the New Bedford area, we pledge to deliver impeccable results and an unmatched customer journey with every project.

Roofing FAQS

How big can hail get in Massachusetts?

Hail during severe weather events in Massachusetts usually stays about the size of a pea (about ¼” in diameter). In rare cases, however, hail in Massachusetts can measure up to 1-2 inches. According to the National Weather Service, the largest hail ever recorded in Massachusetts was 4 inches, or roughly the size of a softball.

How quickly should I have my roof repaired after it’s damaged by a storm?

If your roof has sustained storm-related damage, it’s vital to quickly schedule a roof inspection to assess the full extent of the damage. Even if it only seems to have suffered minor, surface-level damage, your roof could be substantially more susceptible to water or additional structural damage in the case of another storm. A professional inspection will give you a full understanding of the current state of your roof, and we’ll provide guidance to determine your best steps forward.

How long do I have to file an insurance claim for storm damage?

You’re generally given a one-year window to initiate a claim with your home insurance provider following storm damage to your roof. It’s crucial to arrange a roof inspection immediately after the damage occurs in order to submit an accurate claim for the full damages.

What’s the average insurance payout for a storm-damaged roof?

The typical insurance reimbursement for a roof damaged by a storm is approximately $12,000, but the actual coverage amount may differ based on your policy and the insurance carrier you are associated with.

How much storm damage can my roof take before it needs to be replaced?

A recently constructed, well-built roof should be able to maintain its protective capabilities and functionality even when faced with surface-level storm damage. An older, more deteriorated roof, however, won’t withstand as much damage before necessitating replacement. Irrespective of your roof’s quality and age, storm damage will inevitably decrease its lifespan and impact its condition. The most effective way to assess your roof’s post-storm condition is through a comprehensive, professional roof inspection.