Deck and Patio Installation

Every home deserves an outside gathering place

Decks and patios are a great addition to your home, allowing you to easily connect with the outdoors. Whether you’re researching deck and patio installations or wanting to restore your existing one, Couto Construction is here to help. We can guide you through the design process and build the deck or porch you’re looking for. Contact us today for all your exterior home service needs!

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Adding a deck to your home creates a nice space for relaxing and enjoying the outdoors. It also looks nice and extends your living space for comfort and entertainment. When building a deck, there are a lot of materials to choose from.


Vinyl offers a durable, low maintenance alternative to wood for your decking and railings. These products can come hollow (extrusion) or solid (cellular). Solid vinyl can be manufactured to mimic the look of wood decking without the possibility of rotting, splintering, warping, or other common issues with wood decking. Cleaning vinyl is also easier than cleaning wood and can be done with a hose.


Composite decking, or engineered wood products, is designed to look like wood. It’s environmentally friendly as it’s made from recycled materials. Like vinyl, composites come hollow or solid and are easier to clean than wood decking. 


As the traditional and most popular material for decks, wood offers both natural beauty and versatility. The most common types of wood for decks are pressure-treated southern yellow pine and cedar. Wood can come in many different styles and has the ability to be stained or painted in any way you want. Wood decking is also cheaper than vinyl or composite deck materials. On top of all of this, wood is durable and can last for years, if not decades. 


Having a new porch added on to your home gives you a great space for relaxing and improves the look of your home. Having a screened-in porch gives you a private area while still being closer to the outdoors. There are multiple screens that are available from weather-resistant to privacy screens. There are also plenty of low-maintenance material options to keep you enjoying your porch without all the hassle of upkeep. 


No matter if you’re looking for handrails for residential or commercial properties, there are plenty of options available. Handrails are often the first thing noticed on a porch, so having the right style can instantly increase your curb appeal. They come in a variety of styles, materials, and colors to fit the look you want. 

If you’re looking to install a new deck, patio, or any other exterior home improvements, Couto Construction has your back. Give us a call today or click the button below to get started on your next project!