In some areas of the country, you can’t get away from the wear and tear caused by snow, ice, and freezing weather. It can be a stressful and confusing time to notice a roof problem during winter months. Fortunately, there are certain actions you can take to protect your home and possibly repair your roof in winter.

Common Roofing Issues in Winter

Roof repair is always a huge challenge in winter. Generally, your roofer will find it difficult to identify the source of leaks with the snow and ice on the roof. Moreover, risks of sliding and falling are high in winter, so you need to work with an experienced roofer who knows what they’re doing.

Roof Repairs which Can Be Done in Winter

While roof repair is both dangerous and expensive in winter, there are a number of steps your roofer can take to protect your home.

  • Interior Leak Protection – Your roofer will first strive to minimize the damage to the interior of your house. 
  • Tented Roof Repairs – It’s not uncommon to see roofers install a tent over the roof to perform the repairs. The tent is meant to keep away the snow, rain, and wind while roofers work on your roof.
  • Ice and Snow Clearing – Ice and snow can add a significant weight on your roof, especially if it’s a flat roof. Part of winter roofing maintenance plans is to shovel or clear snow from the roof surface.

When Repairs May Wait for Warmer Months

In some instances, it may be necessary to hold off roof repairs and have them performed in warmer months. From safety to performance, it’s sometimes advisable to delay repairs to warm weather to save time and money.

  • Some roofing materials are affected by cold weather – For asphalt shingle roofs, the adhesives are less sticky in cold weather, and shingles and membranes are more brittle. Completing roof repairs in such conditions may create further problems which may call for a full replacement in the future.
  • Unpredictable Weather Patterns – Depending on your region, winter storms can slow roof repair projects, causing snow piles to form on the roof. This can be both costly and damaging to your roof.
  • Dangerous Conditions – Low visibility, slippery conditions, and snow-covered skylights make roof repair hazardous in winter.

Work with a Reputable Local Roofer!

Ultimately, regular roof maintenance can help you take a more proactive approach to keeping your roof leak-free in winter. It allows your roofing contractor to identify and fix areas of your roof which may be more vulnerable to leaks or significant damage once winter kicks in. At Couto Construction, we have years of experience installing, replacing, and repairing roofs in Southeastern Massachusetts, Cape Cod, and Rhode Island. Contact us today to schedule a free inspection or request an estimate on all your roofing needs.