How To Repair Your Leaky Roof And Stop The Damage

How To Repair Your Leaky Roof And Stop The Damage

Roof leaks are fairly common and are usually caused by poor maintenance or extreme weather. Whatever the cause or extent of the leak, you want to get them repaired quickly. Left unchecked, a leaky roof can cause significant damage to your household items and compromise the structural integrity of your home.

How to Spot a Roof Leak

Water Spots on Your Ceiling

Those brown spots or puddles on your ceiling are water stains caused by a leak above. A small stain doesn’t mean the problem is just a small one.

Missing Shingles

A roof with missing, distorted, or damaged shingles is prone to leaking over time and can lead to serious damage.

Damp External Walls

Water spots or mold growing on external walls indicate there’s a leak allowing water to seep into your walls.

You Need to Contact Your Contractor ASAP

It can be tempting to put off home maintenance, especially if the problem seems to be small. Maybe your squeaky door can wait, but repairing a leaking roof is something you should never procrastinate.

Deterioration of Structural Materials

A leaky roof can cause extreme damage to rafters, beams, frames, and joists. Exposure to moisture makes the wood support deteriorate and rot which can cause the entire wall or roof structural support to collapse.

Mold and Mildew Growth

Fungal and bacterial organisms thrive in humid conditions. As water seeps into your home and causes wood rot, it provides ideal conditions for mold and mildew to grow and spread until it reaches your HVAC systems and vents. Mold and mildew can damage your carpets, flooring, walls, tiles, paint, and more. Mold also produces toxic spores which can lead to serious respiratory problems.

Huge Energy Loss

If you think putting off fixing a leaky roof is no big deal, wait until you see your electric bill. A leaky roof can damage your attic’s insulation. Wet insulation takes a very long time to dry and loses resistance to temperature change. This makes it harder to heat and cool your home.

Do Not Take the DIY Route With Your Leaky Roof

Although attempting DIY work after spending some hours watching tutorials may seem like the best option, it can put you, your family, and home at risk. There’s also a high chance you’ll not get the best results since you don’t have the expertise to undertake roofing work.

You could make the problem worse or create more channels for water to find its way into your home. You also risk voiding your roof warranties.

Roofing contractors are trained to identify sources of leaks, the extent of damage, and other issues you may not realize existed. A reputable, local roofer has specialized skills, gear, and equipment to get the work done safely and efficiently. What’s more, working with a professional team ensures your roof is fixed on time – without compromising your home’s safety. In the end, you’ll have a watertight roof and peace of mind.

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