How Long Will My Roof Replacement Take?

How Long Will My Roof Replacement Take?

Which orange came first, the fruit or the color? How far up do bald people go when they wash their faces? How long will my roof replacement take? Let’s face it: not all questions have simple answers. We cannot help you with fruits and faces, but we can help you see why roof replacement takes … well, as long as it takes. 

How Long Does Roof Replacement Take?

Most homes in southeastern Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and Cape Cod take about one entire workday for roof replacement. This includes setting up the worksite, tearing off the old roof, and installing a flawless, new roof. 

The one-day estimate is merely an estimate, however, because many factors affect roof installation: 

  • Extent of the Work — Once tear-off is completed, your sheathing may require replacement, adding to the time; larger roofs with larger square footage than smaller roofs require more time, too
  • Roof Complexity — New England homes with elaborate roof plans (dormers, several gables, lots of valleys) require more time than, for example, a ranch house
  • Weather — Roofing is unsafe to perform in the rain; cold also hampers shingle application
  • Roofing Materials — Architectural shingles are great for curb appeal but may require a slower installation pace
  • Ease of Access — Your home’s position on the property, its height, and landscaping all affect the pace of work and flow of materials

How Loud Is Roof Replacement?

Many homeowners worry about the noise of roof replacement. Loudness is a relative term, of course, with some folks more sensitive to noises than others. You may opt to remain in your house while your roof is replaced, so be aware: 

  • Working from home (telephones, videoconferencing) may be challenging due to abrupt, sharp noises and thunderous thuds
  • Children and pets might be unsettled by the constant, muffled sounds from above
  • Very few roofers use actual hammers anymore; you may hear the air nailers hiss but will not hear significant amounts of hammering

Most homeowners can remain inside throughout the roof replacement. All noise is muffled by your home’s attic, so most clients report only vague, faraway sounds punctuated by occasional heavy thuds when shingles are delivered to the roof or sheathing is laid down. Connect with Couto Construction today to learn more about our services, including complete roof replacement on your schedule. We proudly serve clients throughout southeastern Massachusetts, Cape Cod, and Rhode Island.