A homeowner familiar with an insurer is a homeowner with a streak of bad luck. As a homeowner in the New Bedford area, you are not expected to know how to work with insurance companies. Roofing contractors, on the other hand, do know; they work with insurers daily. 

Familiar Faces

You probably would not recognize your local insurance agent’s face in a crowd. Yet helpful roofing contractors are familiar faces to agents and adjusters. Contractors are accustomed to working with adjusters not as enemies but as two professionals with two jobs to do:

  1. The adjuster hopes to keep the claim as inexpensive as possible
  2. The contractor hopes to put the homeowner’s house back together again

Familiar Ground

Contractors know how insurance procedures work. As a homeowner, you may make one or two claims in your lifetime; contractors deal with insurance claims every business day. Knowing that familiar ground, a contractor can work to protect your interests:

  • Avoid settling on a dollar figure early in the process
  • Negotiate with the adjuster on the scope of work and the pricing for all repairs
  • Provide itemized estimates that support your argument for a better settlement

Not Too Familiar

Many homeowners treat insurance agents and adjusters as adversaries. Yet most contractors find that three simple tools help smooth the insurance claim process:

  1. Solid facts
  2. Mutual respect
  3. Professional thoroughness

Contractors are polite to the adjusters, but they avoid getting too familiar with them. They never forget they are working on behalf of the homeowner, not the insurer. That respect and professional attention to detail usually gets insurance claims fast-tracked, fixed, and finalized. 


“Familiar” and “family” have the same root, both pointing to the same thing: a cozy household. Your roofing contractor may not be part of your family, but your roofer has your family’s best interests at heart when negotiating with the adjuster. 

Your roofer can prove to the adjuster that work needs to be done and is covered by your policy. Your cozy household, your peace of mind, and your bank balance are all protected when you partner with a local roofing contractor for your insurance claim. At Couto Construction, we like to say our family’s got yours covered. Please allow us to partner with you the next time you need to file an insurance claim for your home. Contact us today so we can make your New Bedford-area home whole again.