Homeowners insurance can come in handy when you face major roof repairs too expensive to pay out of pocket for. Whether your roof was damaged by natural disasters or due to old age, roof repair can be an expensive home renovation. There are a number of situations when your homeowner’s insurance can cover the cost of repair. So, whenever you’re faced with costly roof repairs, be sure to speak to your insurance agent to see if you can receive compensation for all or part of the repair cost.

Claiming Roof Repairs on Insurance

Your homeowner’s insurance typically protects your home’s structure, including the roof, from covered perils. Commonly covered perils include high winds, fire, and hailstorms. If a tree were to fall on your roof due to high winds, your homeowner’s insurance will typically cover the cost of repair, unless it is determined the tree was unhealthy or otherwise ignored.

So, if your roof needs repairs after damage from hail or falling trees during windstorms, your coverage should cover the cost. Additionally, personal property coverage may cover the cost of repairing or replacing the contents of your home ruined as a result of a covered peril. Always make sure you talk with your insurance agent to know what is and isn’t covered.

When Homeowners Insurance Covers Roof Leaks

Roof leaks can be covered under homeowner’s insurance if they are caused by adverse weather situations like hail, wind, or fire. However, most insurance policies don’t cover repairs for leaks triggered by normal wear and tear or lack of regular maintenance. Insurance typically covers sudden or accidental situations.

If old age or unresolved maintenance issues are to blame, your homeowner’s insurance won’t pay to repair the leak or the associated damage. This is why it’s important to conduct regular roof inspections to determine the overall condition of your roof and keep up to date with the necessary repairs.

Go Over Your Insurance Policy

Go through the fine prints of your policy or contact your agent to learn if your homeowner’s insurance covers roof repair and how much protection it provides. Whether you’re reimbursed partially or fully, or not at all, it all depends on your insurance policy. Be sure to check with your insurer whenever you experience any roof damage.

It’s also important to note most insurance providers will require the homeowner to pay a certain deductible before the insurance begins paying for repairs. Your coverage limit will also apply, so be sure to read your policy and see if it’s worth filing a claim.

Generally, many insurance policies have a $500 deductible, so it may not make sense to file a claim for small repairs. However, for major damages which require full roof replacement, it’s worth opening a claim. Overall, having the right insurance policy matters and could mean the difference between coughing huge sums of money for the repairs out of pocket or having your insurance policy cover it.

At Couto Construction, we work with your insurance company on your behalf to ensure you get fair compensation for significant roof damages. We have experienced our share of windstorms and rain in Southeastern Massachusetts, Cape Cod, and Rhode Island, so it’s worth pursuing insurance claims for roof repairs. Contact us today with any questions about insurance and roof repairs and how we can be of help to you.