If you want to add further insulation to your attic, one of the biggest questions will be what type of insulation you want to place. Cellulose insulation is a sensible choice. Not only is it high in performance levels, but it is also an affordable option. Here are just four of the many perks your home will receive when you go with cellulose insulation.

1. Air-Blocking Properties

A common choice for attics is fiberglass insulation, but when you choose cellulose you block a lot more air than you do with fiberglass. Since making your home more energy efficient often includes blocking air, it only makes sense to access this property in the cellulose insulation.

2. Less Fire Risk

Houses can really burn up fast when they have certain materials in them. Insulation is something which can catch onto flames quickly. Cellulose insulation, however, doesn’t burn like other materials so and there’s a much smaller risk of it catching fire and spreading flames. You always want your home to be as safe as possible and this is one way to safeguard the house against a fire.

3. Fewer Pests

Have you ever noticed how bugs like certain people better than others? They like certain insulation materials better than others as well. You’re less likely to have incidents with insects or rodents with cellulose insulation. This is something anyone would want for their home.

4. Form Fitting

Attics can have odd shapes in them and when you have gaps air can pass through with ease. Cellulose insulation is a perfect fit for odd shapes and small spaces. It can be installed in loose-fill form and can be compressed into any opening. The material can be blown in and directed in those hard-to-reach places, which gives it another advantage over fiberglass and other materials.If you want to know more about cellulose insulation or if you’re considering it for your attic, contact Couto Construction in Southeastern Massachusetts. We’ll go over all of the pros and cons of this insulation material and any other insulation which interests you. In the end, we want you to be happy with your choice and the energy efficiency and comfort of your home. Let’s talk insulation and get to the bottom of what you need in your attic.