Can You Install New Gutters In The Winter?

Can You Install New Gutters In The Winter?

When you need new gutters, it’s important to have them installed sooner rather than later to help keep your home safe from moisture damage. Gutters help protect your roof and home interior from water damage by moving rain water and melted snow away from the exterior. Can gutters be installed in winter though?

When to Install Gutters in Winter

You can have new gutters installed during the winter months as long as the weather and temperature conditions are right. In fact, our team of professional roofers at Couto Construction have experience installing gutters when it’s cold out. The main concern is ensuring a safe environment for workers while also lowering the risk of moisture damage during the installation process.

Gutter installation can generally happen when temperatures aren’t too cold. You can also usually have gutters installed as long as there’s no heavy snow accumulation on your roof and no icy conditions. In this case, it’s better to wait until the weather is clear and your roof is not covered in ice or snow.

Snow and ice can make the work environment hazardous for gutter installation due to slippery surfaces. These weather conditions can also increase the risk of water damage if your soffit or other parts of your roof are exposed to moisture while your new gutters are being installed. This can lead to severe damage to your home interior.

When to Avoid Gutter Installation in Winter

At certain times in winter, having new gutters installed shouldn’t be done. For example, extreme cold is not a good or safe time for gutter installation, such as when the temperatures drop to the single digits. In this case, our team waits for warmer temperatures to return, so we can install new gutters as safely as possible.

If the weather and temperature conditions are right, you can go ahead and schedule new gutter installation in winter. However, you might consider waiting until spring if these conditions are expected to be unfavorable for a long stretch of time during winter. Waiting for better conditions helps ensure your new gutters are properly and safely installed.

If you need new gutters installed this winter, please contact one of our experts at Couto Construction for more information. Our professional roofers provide dependable gutter installation services for homeowners in Southeastern Massachusetts, Cape Cod, and Rhode Island.