A continuous outpour of rainwater may erode the foundation of your home. It gets worse when the gutters and downspouts are old, sagging, or pulling away. You can prevent this by getting a gutter and downspout replacement.

Professionally installed gutters and downspouts will give your home a sound drainage system, and if properly maintained, they may last up to 20 years.

Factors Determining the Cost of Gutters and Downspouts

1. Your Preferred Material

When looking for new gutters and downspouts, the cost of your system will be largely affected by the material you choose.

  • Copper: They are the most costly, but many homeowners love them because they are durable, beautiful, and unique.
  • Seamless Aluminum: They are available in different varieties, making them the most preferred for homes. They won’t corrode or rust and are affordable.
  • Wood: Wooden gutters look naturally beautiful. Some come in exceptional craftsmanship, giving your home a unique look. Use these to give your home a historic but charming look.  

2. Installation Labor

Aside from buying the materials, the installation process and labor will add to your total cost. You can determine the total cost by speaking to knowledgeable home improvement experts. The total cost depends on the length of the gutters and the size of your roof. A large roof will cost more than a small one.

Reasons Why You Need New Gutters

How long your gutters last depend on the type of material you choose. Copper gutters last for up to 50 years, while galvanized steel or aluminum lasts for about 20 years. However, these time-frames don’t account for factors that may speed up the deterioration of your gutters. 

If you aren’t sure how old your gutters are, look out for the following signs to know if it’s time to replace them.

  • Mold growth: Worn-out gutters create mold. It can be a risk factor for you and your family’s health.
  • Cracked gutters: They cause a leaking draining system to your home and can lead to further damage.
  • Rotten gutters: Wooden gutters may rot over time and won’t perform as they should.
  • Maintenance tussles: When your gutters get old, they need a lot of work to keep them in shape. Continuous maintenance may end up costing more than just replacing them.

Get Professional Gutter Services

You don’t want to continue spending money on repairs as it is tiring and time-consuming. Besides, having worn out gutters and downspouts puts your home at risk. At Couto Construction, we’ve got you covered for all your gutters, roof repair, and replacement services. Call us today and experience exceptional gutter and downspouts replacement services in Southeastern Massachusetts, Cape Cod, and Rhode Island.