When you’re tired of cleaning out your gutters, you might be thinking about getting gutter guards. These are supposed to block leaves and other debris from getting into your gutters and clogging them up. Are gutter guards worth installing? Find out more about whether or not you should have these installed.

Benefits of Gutter Guards

Gutter guards are designed to prevent debris from falling into your gutters, which helps stop clogs from occurring. When your gutters get clogged up, this can lead to water damage and other problems. With gutter guards installed, your gutters should remain free of debris, allowing rainwater to go through them and to your downspouts.

Installing gutter guards also means you won’t have to get on a ladder to clean out your gutters, which can be dangerous. Your gutters won’t have a buildup of leaves and other kinds of debris you might typically find in them. This helps reduce your risk of moisture damage.

Types of Gutter Guards

How well your gutter guards work depends on the type you get. You should avoid gutter guards made with flimsy screens or similar features since these aren’t built to last. These kinds of gutter guards can develop rips or easily fall out of place, allowing leaves and other debris to enter your gutters.

Professional grade gutter guards, such as MasterShield, are worth it when it comes to protecting your gutters from debris. These gutter guards have medical-grade mesh and are copper-infused for durability and high-quality performance. With these types of gutter guards installed, you can expect your gutters to stay free of clogs throughout the year.

Gutter Guard Installation and Maintenance

Gutter guards easily attach to the outer edge of starter shingles. Any debris which stays on your gutter guards will dry out and blow away in the wind.

Gutter guards don’t require much maintenance as long as you choose high-quality ones and have them properly installed. Roofing contractors can check them for any signs of damage or other problems when routine roof maintenance is done.

If you need more information on gutter guards for your home, contact Couto Construction. We can help you choose the best gutter guards for your home in Rhode Island, Cape Cod, or Southeastern Massachusetts.