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Roof Replacement Case Studies: Swansea, MA Gets New Roof

Tuesday, November 28th, 2017 by Morgan Santos


The Swansea homeowner had been in the search for a new roof and new shingles. The roof had some water damage and the shingles were old and faded. The home owner is located right by the water and had tend to rain alot in the area, so it was a matter of time before he needed a new roof. There were no leaks that the homeowner had been aware of, but in the end the homeowner knew it was a matter of time before leaks would happen.  The homeowner was also afraid that one day there would be a storm and then his roof would be damaged beyond repair.


Couto Construction had received a call to inspect a roof located in Swansea. When the inspection took place the Owners of Couto Construction then decide that it would be best for a full roof replacement.  The home owner had a bit of an issue with the original roof because of water damage so the homeowner aggred with the repair. The contractors began the work by stripping the whole roof off. They also noticed when they began working that the wooden beams that provided support for the roof were all rotted, so that had to all be replaced as well. The Homeowner also wanted new gutter lines with drip edge. Another request of the homeowner was that he wanted to protect his roof as much as possible. The location of the house is by the water so it tends to rain a lot and become very windy, so Couto construction added a synthetic paper to provide more protection to the roof. 


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